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Generations ago, there was a family by the name of Snyman that lived in South Africa. Mr. Eugene Snyman's dream for his family was to start and run their own family business. With hard work and dedication, the Snymans' family dream came to fruition in 1976, and the logo for Mr. Plastic has been the symbol of their family business ever since.

In 1997, Mr. Snyman sold the family business in South Africa. Once again following the opportunity to create a better life for his family, he moved them all to the United States. After working for a big player in the plastics industry, Eugene Snyman relocated his family to Fort Smith, Arkansas. The tides soon turned, however, and his employer found that the corporate structure could no longer support an operation in that location. Being a visionary, Eugene Snyman saw the great opportunity bestowed upon him, and Mr. Plastic was reborn in the United States of America in 1998.

For the following decade, Mr. Plastic saw amazing growth in Forth Smith, Arkansas, thank to the tireless efforts of Eugene and his late wife, Danette. As the company outgrew one location, operations were moved to a larger warehouse. When that location could no longer hold them due to an ever-increasing customer base, the trend continued as they moved to new and larger facilities every few years.

Even now, after Mr. Plastic's expansion to four Arkansas locations with a fifth openeing soon, customer service is still the largest point of pride for the Snyman family. Mr. Plastic's customers have come to expect i, and the Snyman family tradition continues to demand it.